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2,000 Bed & Breakfasts Display Hallmark Channel Media


Hallmark Channel wanted to announce their new first-ever prime time series, Cedar Cove, in unique and memorable ways. They chose to place tent tables, postcards and door hangers in inns across America to reach their

target audience, 30-55 year old women who valued relationships and travel.

1cedarcovebookTent tables featured actors in the show such as Andie McDowel while postcards offered a Buy-One-Night-Get-the-Second-Night Free voucher, good for an average value of $150 toward guests next getaway at any of 1,200 inns. Innkeepers enthusiastically got behind

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the program because of the high value gift they were offering their guests (the free night) and because of the wholesome programming. The result of this grass roots B&B media placement combined with other advertising, The Cedar Cove series became the number one show on Saturday night in its time slot, including broadcast television (ABC, NBC, CBS). 3.8 million viewers were cited in a Neilson report. Many iLoveInns consumer product sampling programs have included media placement. Land “O Lakes gave branded placements for innkeepers to place near coffee stations, Post cereal offered table tents, Tom”s of Maine created 4” x “5 product brochures and MinuteMaid orange juice came with tastefully designed table tents. Door hangers announced the Cedar Cove series.